QuickBooks Training – Learning QuickBooks Enterprise

Certified QuickBooks Solutions Providers).  With regard to experience, you should demand a firm with 10 years experience minimum.  Honestly, there are not a ton of firms with this kind of experience around, but if you find one you can rest assured they likely have a pretty big head start on their peers.

Just because QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 has all of these incredible new features does not mean your employees will know how to use all of them.  The benefits of investing in the software are significantly reduced if your company is unable to benefit from their proper use.  This is where QuickBooks training can really juice your project ROI.

QuickBooks Training:  Defining the Value

QuickBooks Training:  What to Look For

Also, make sure to find a firm doing high volume in QuickBooks sales, as this is a direct indication of the company’s success.  The resellers doing the highest sales volume in QuickBooks do it for a reason, which is that they typically offer a greater “value proposition” as compared to their competitors, meaning they likely offer higher quality training.  You can usually get sales volume data from Intuit of from the solutions provider themselves.  Last but not least, make sure to check referrals from other customers and examine their testimonials.  You will be amazed by how much valuable information can be gained from these.  If you follow these guidelines, you will almost certainly procure the best QuickBooks training available!


QuickBooks Training:  Where to Find the Best!

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Training:  The Importance

While the price point of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software is well below that of even their closest competitors, and the value provided is far superior, a small investment in training can take the ROI from investing in QuickBooks Enterprise from great to incredible!  While Intuit’s industry leading accounting software is already the most cost effective business accounting platform on the market today, proper training can make the value proposition even better.

Now that we have outlined the benefits of QuickBooks training, we need to determine what qualifications would be required of our training vendor.  There are plenty of individuals, consultants, and companies offering training for QuickBooks Enterprise.  The questions is what credentials should they have in order to be sufficiently qualified to train your employees?  The simple and short answer is that they company or firm your hire should be a certified Intuit Solutions Provider.  This should be a minimum requirement, but you should not stop there in your quest for training excellence.

There are many features in the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise designed around improving efficiency and thus productivity.  In other words, when the software is utilized properly, it should be able accomplish more with less.  Proper QuickBooks training, which means training from someone certified by Intuit, ensures your employees will be trained in optimal utilization of QuickBooks in accordance with Intuit best practices, enhancing the likelihood of your implementation achieving the desired ROI.

Just like anything else in life, the best QuickBooks instructors are the ones that have been doing it the longest (i.e. the most experienced) and the ones with the best credentials (i.e Click This Link

Where Are The Best Places For Distributing Business Brochures? by Charen Smith

Good luck!

3. The high traffic door and hallway – You might also be interested to deploy your color brochures at high traffic doors and hallways. Use this information to deploy your custom brochures effectively with guaranteed results. That is why you should try deploying your color brochures at the best waiting locations possible. Use these as a good starting off point to make sure that each batch of brochure printing gets the best distribution area for them to succeed at their job.

So take all these notes to heart. Do your market research well and identify if a lot of your target audiences pass by the ideal area that you want.

2. The train station and bus stop – The next most ideal type of places to deploy your color brochures are those train stations, bus stops and other places where the means of transportation changes and converts. Those transportation stops are always chalk full of people whatever day or time it is, so it is really ideal to work with them to get your brochures picked up by people.

Where Are The Best Places For Distributing Business Brochures?

 by: Charen Smith

Let me help you get started on this by giving you a few tips on the most ideal locations that experts say are best for brochure deployment. This is the basic workhorse for custom brochure deployment, so you should do this out as the first step.

5. This is an important step of course since brochure printing as a business investment will never grow and bear fruit if it is not distributed properly to a market. Most consumers will think that the custom brochure is free while at the same time you get free marketing points through them. As long as you are careful and determined, this should be very beneficial for you. You’ve have bored people reading those custom brochures in no time.

Don’t know where to start distributing those color brochures? Well, let me help you find out. Just of course try to be sure about those high traffic locations. The more people passing by at those doors and hallways the better your chances of brochure success if you put your custom brochure rack into them. 4. This should be a nice finishing touch to the robust brochure printing and design tips indicated above. . By putting in an ideally attractive to read color brochure in those places, you should get a high number of those people waiting to get your custom brochures. The store front and counter – The first thing that you should do to deploy your color brochures is to put them at a rack in the store front and counter. People like a little light reading as they wait in lobbies and waiting rooms. Along with other products and prints – Finally, you can deploy your color brochures by actually tagging it along with other products and prints. The lobby and waiting room – Any kind of place where a person is forced to wait for something is one of the ideal places for brochure deployment. This is the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to get the distribution of your color brochures started. For every sale and potential customer that you see, you should be able to easily invite them to pick up your custom brochures for reference. You can just put in a particular rack or standee with your color brochures in them at those locations and within just a day you should get people responding to those brochures. So besides looking at those brochure samples for the perfect design template, you should also try to figure out the best places to distribute your business brochures.

1 Click This Link

New Jersey allows sports betting

Christie said at the time disagreed with the court decision but feels the law is “sacrosanct.”

“Victory at last!” said state Sen. This is all over but the shouting.”

The professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, all opposed New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting, saying it could give the appearance that the integrity of the games has been compromised.

The governor said he took his cue from previous federal court rulings that found that nothing in New Jersey law prohibits the casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting.

The park built a sports bar last year that was designed to be transformed into a sports book quickly if sports betting were legalized.

Monmouth Park, a thoroughbred track in Oceansport, New Jersey, has been outspoken that it will take the lead once sports betting became legal.

The governor says sports betting is legal under previous federal rulings as long as wagers don’t involve a collegiate game played in New Jersey or a New Jersey college team elsewhere in the country.

His action, through the state attorney general’s office, is likely to be challenged by the professional and collegiate sports leagues that fought New Jersey’s efforts to overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states. — Gov. CEO Joe Asher said in a statement. “The motion simply would clarify and formalize that authority and give clear guidance to casinos and racetracks waiting to open a sports pool in New Jersey.”


“That to some degree will dictate how the race tracks and casinos move forward,” Beck told ESPN.

A month ago, Christie vetoed a bill that would have pushed New Jersey to circumvent the federal ban on gambling on professional and college sports. “Obviously, this is a significant development. Jennifer Beck, a Republican who represents the area where Monmouth Park resides, said Monday that she would like to see the track begin taking bets as soon as this upcoming weekend, but wants to see the reaction from the sports leagues.

Casino executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Christie’s action.

But those actions ran up against the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, enacted by Congress to restrict betting on sports to a few states. Supreme Court declined to hear New Jersey’s appeal in June, saying, “You know, that’s the way it goes.”

Christie suggested casinos and tracks could start offering betting immediately, but it’s not clear that will happen. In light of our significant investment at Monmouth Park, we are happy that it appears racetracks and casinos in New Jersey will be taking sports bets sooner rather than later.”

In addition to the directive, Christie also had the state file a motion in federal court asking a judge to clarify or modify a February 2013 ruling that blocks a licensing program New Jersey had passed for sports betting in the state.

“Based on the arguments of the sports leagues and the United States Department of Justice, the 3rd Circuit has already ruled that New Jersey can carry out sports wagering as described in today’s statewide directive,” the governor’s office wrote in a statement. That effort ended with the U.S. State lawmakers soon enacted a law to allow for betting at tracks and in casinos. The seaside resort has already lost three of the 12 casinos with which it began this year, and a fourth one is due to shut its doors next week; about 8,000 casino workers will have lost their jobs since January.

Lesniak said he expects the leagues to challenge the move, but predicted: “They don’t have any arguments left to make. branch of William Hill agreed to be the exclusive provider of sports betting at Monmouth Park, but is taking a wait-and-see approach.

He said he does not expect sports betting to begin until a court rules that it is legal.

N.J. Raymond Lesniak, one of the legislature’s strongest supporters of sports betting. Other leagues and the NCAA did not immediately return messages Monday.

The U.S. New Jersey missed a 1991 deadline in the law that would have allowed sports betting in Atlantic City.

The move came hours before Christie was to convene a closed-door summit on the future of Atlantic City. District Court,” William Hill U.S. Like others, we recognize that legalized sports betting is inevitable, and will be a good outcome for customers, states and the sports leagues. Rachel Ryan, a spokeswoman for the Meadowlands Racetrack said Monday that the track has no plans to offer sports betting now.. Nevada has allowed betting on sports for more than 60 years, and Delaware, Montana and Oregon have at times permitted more limited betting. Bets wouldn’t have been taken on games involving New Jersey colleges or college games played in the state.

Information from ESPN.com’s David Purdum and The Associated Press is included in this report.

Voters in New Jersey overwhelmingly endorsed legal sports betting in a nonbinding referendum in 2011. Supreme Court declining to hear the case.

Dennis Drazin, an attorney and adviser to the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horseman and Monmouth Park, told ESPN in early September that he believes the track could have an operating sports book within three weeks after legalization.

The move is a turnaround for Christie, who initially seemed resigned to defeat once the U.S. State Sen. “People should book their hotel rooms in Atlantic City for the Super Bowl now because there won’t be any available in February.”

“We are reviewing the Attorney General’s directive and the motion filed in U.S. Chris Christie’s administration issued a directive Monday allowing the state’s casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting, a move likely to be challenged in court by sports leagues.

The NFL had no comment when reached by ESPN.com Click This Link

Is Cheerleading a Sport

Everyone has an opinion on this and it is fine if they are convinced with it.

Ultimately, it is a situation somewhat like, ‘to each his own’. As cheerleading technically speaking totally fits the bill. Cheerleading meet these criteria as well. Moreover, every high school or middle school or professional cheerleading squad is not a part of all the cheerleading competitions. It is not just about clapping and doing cartwheels now. Whether cheerleading is a sport or not totally dependent on our judgment and how we look at it. Initially, it consisted of nothing but clapping and a cartwheel at the most, which was also very rare. In addition to that there are sports organizations which have not recognized cheerleading as a sport because there are no proper safety rules laid down for this activity. Many a media organizations too have accepted cheerleading as a sport.

But the Naysayers’ Say…

Another point for those who argue against cheerleading being a sport is that even if the participants are athletic and prim and in great shape, it really does not make cheerleading a sport. Another dimension of definition of sport is that it is an activity that pushes the individual mentally and physically to perform at peak levels. It is enough proof that it is no mean feat and no less than a sport. It includes physical activity and is also an event for competition. Just a look at the complicated and sophisticated stunts like the pyramid that these cheerleaders perform. Some of us do take cheerleading to be a sport, some of us do not. So, considering this, cheerleading is definitely a sport. Contemporary cheerleading is a power packed, high performance activity where the cheerleaders slog it out hard. These groups would never allow or never let cheerleading be a sport. Till then the controversy will keep raging!

Pompoms, bright colors, cute skirts – does this strike a chord? Well, I am sure it does! Because these are what characterize a very popular activity and that is none other than cheery cheerleading! That is one reason why some of the guys go out there to watch games! Who would want to miss those pretty lasses, eh guys? Nevertheless, cheerleading, as we know is an activity where there are groups who cheer and encourage teams at sports events. In addition to that, there are cheerleading competitions at various levels, which again is a tantamount to the fact that cheerleading surely is a sport. According to them, it most certainly isn’t a sport.

Yes, It Is a Sport!

The confusion of the whole issue revolving around cheerleading being considered a sport is based on the history of this activity. But in the recent years a contention has come up about its status. The contention is whether it is a recreational activity or a conventional sport.

Cheerleading – A Sport or a Recreational Activity?. Another angle is that the religious fanatics and rightists have always wanted to regulate or police it, just like the Islamic and other fundamentalists and rightists. This definition itself is a valid answer for the whole speculation about whether cheerleading can be categorized as a sport or not. To start off, how is a ‘sport’ defined? It is defined as an activity involving physical endurance, fitness and involvement and competition. It is much more than that, which makes it as good a sport as football or tennis.

In fact, the cheerleaders have to be as strong as soccer or rugby players but be as athletic as gymnasts, too. It usually used to be just jumps and nothing more than that. The pretext apparently is that it is too sexy and bold an activity, with mini skirts and bare midriffs Click This Link

How to Sell Beats Online? Your Guide to Beat Selling


Selling Beats on Your Own WebsiteHow to sell beats online

This is one of the best ways how to sell beats online.

However, since this is pretty inefficient you’re best of paying for a VIP page where you can add a paypal widget that lets listeners pay for your beat and then you send it to them. ;)

However, if they want to sell more than 2,000 than they need to contact you.

Why would you want people to find you on other sites when they could find your own site?

Some other common leasing license rights are (this is entirely up to you but this is something what we and a lot of other producers, groups use)

Being able to sell 2,000 units of a project (track, video, mixtape, etc) that uses that beatUnlimited non-profit useRoyalty Free

Now what does this mean for artists who buy your beats?

Now a random artist is far more likely to buy a beat he just heard and likes for $20 then for $400. Soundclick is one of the largest if not THE largest online community of musicians. And you can even keep selling that beat to other artists.

They need to provide production credits to you when they use that beat.

Not only does having your own website looks professional but it’s much better for you in the long run to start sending your artists to your own site.

When you lease beats for low price, you can keep doing that with the same beats.

Soundclick is a website where you can upload your own music but it has a twist for beat sellers. As such, it has loads of artists that need beats for their projects.

Since it’s free, you can’t really afford not uploading your beats there since that will just give you extra free exposure.

This site can do you wonders in terms of your promotion.

You can even use the player they provide you with and place it in your VIP Soundclick page.

They provide all the licensing and you can even set your own terms if you wish to do that. That is some awesome free promotion right there!

Now this is a whole topic on itself and I will be writing on how to setup your own website and how to drive traffic to it and to your other sites in my next lense. This is very effective for leases as well as exclusives.

Rocbattle is a beat market / forum and it could be very useful to you. This is quite handy for selling leases.

Imo, leasing is a far more effective and easy way to make some money selling your beats and these websites will help you with that.

If you pay for becoming “Exclusive” member for about $7 a month, then you get 100% of your earnings, battle with other Exclusive members, be promoted on home page, enter beat battle tournaments and win cash prizes and be able to upload more beats.

You keep all the rights to that beat but the person who bought it for a low price can use it in their project.

They are not allowed to sell that beat to others tho (as in buying a beat from you and then selling it like their own).

Well, “Royalty Free” means that you don’t get any of the money they make selling up to 2,000 of their copies.

If the beat will be used in a non-profit project, they are free to share as many copies as they want.

What Are Leases?How to sell beats.

Now for you that don’t know, to lease a beat means to practicly loan a beat.

You can keep on selling that beat to other people since you still hold the rights to it.

The twist here is, you can battle your beats against other producers and their beats. You can list your beats there, and when someone hears your beat he can contact if you if he likes it.

Beat Brokerz is simillar to Soundclick but a bit more “set and forget”.

. Then users of that site can see your beat on the charts and if they like it, buy it!

Mind you, these are all reputable sites, and LOADS of people are using them.

Sure you can try to sell 1 beat to 1 person for $400 (which is hard btw), but you would have more success with trying to sell that beat as a lease for let’s say $20.

Since they get a lot of traffic, if you’re not on a tight budget, this would be a good investment, even more if you like the idea to battle your beats vs. ExclusivesSelling Beats Online

When deciding if you want to sell your beats as exclusives (as in you give your beat to someone for a certain price and after that they own the full rights to it) you have to consider a few things.

It’s a free site where you can list your beats, set their prices and everything, even provide your own voicetag. We had an issue with them and they said they will not be able to pay us since we’re in a country not supported by their system.

This is something you should consider paying for if you’re really into the whole beat selling thing.

Leases vs. Like on BeatBrokerz, you upload your beats to the site, set their prices and everything and your beats will be listed there for everyone to hear and buy. Only downside is that they take 50% of your earnings on that site if you have free account.

However, before using their website, if you don’t live in US, check if they will be able to pay you when the time comes. Everyone can vote and if you start winning you will be featured higher in charts and more people will hear your beats Click This Link

MANSION: New Betting Exchange Ditches Commission on Winnings

Prior to MANSION, David and Ashley were partners in Green Room Media, a marketing and consulting company to the online gaming industry. Michael was previously MD of Canbet Sportsbook. MANSION.com includes a variety of innovative features and is designed with the punter in mind. 24, 2004–  Welcome to the Future of Sports Betting!  

The sports betting world has been turned on its head this week with the launch of MANSION (www.mansion.com), a FREE betting exchange.

The MANSION management team has proven experience in many aspects of the gaming business.

- EASY DEPOSIT: With more than a dozen ways to fund your account, depositing with MANSION is easy. .

There’s no catch, MANSION offers absolutely free person-to-person betting. With MANSION, the price you see is the price you get. – MANSION ONE ACCOUNT: One login, one cashier, one less hassle.

MANSION offers punters unprecedented value, simplicity and convenience.

- MANSION SPORTSBOOK: MANSION will offer the best odds on major international sports and punters will enjoy some of the highest sportsbook betting limits in the industry: up to Pounds Sterling 20,000 (US $36k) per bet on Premiership football (EPL) and NFL. We accept NETeller, Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo and many more. The team includes David Dent, Managing Director; Michael Tomeny, Head of Betting Operations; and Ashley Lang, Head of Marketing.

MANSION’s competitive position is underpinned by a very substantial investment in proprietary technology and infrastructure.

- MANSION EXCHANGE: MANSION Exchange is the only FREE sports betting exchange. MANSION rakes off nothing. No bookmaker’s commission, no juice and no exchange fees. Punters no longer have to pay up to 5 percent commission on their winnings. Bet on both our Sportsbook and Exchange with one convenient account.

MANSION customer enquiries: customerservice@mansion.com

MANSION has a robust, fully redundant, multi-million dollar IT infrastructure providing customers with fast and reliable access. Bet and collect winnings in any one of 14 CURRENCIES.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. For the first time, punters have the choice of wagering person-to-person with no exchange fees or betting with one of the most competitive sportsbooks on the Internet. Innovations include the combination of MANSION Exchange and MANSION Sportsbook on a one account system allowing customers to bet with both products without the need to maintain separate accounts.

MANSION is funded by private equity and is headquartered in Gibraltar Click This Link

Sports bar may become sports book if Vegas scores a big bet in New Jersey

Lawyers for the four leagues and the NCAA will argue Oct. “This is a very sizeable market.”

New Jersey residents want it, voting overwhelmingly in 2011 to permit sports betting at race tracks and casinos. There’s no shortage of sports fans in the New Jersey/New York area, and bookmakers believe they will line up from opening day on with fistfuls of cash to wager on games.

The NFL, meanwhile, holds games every year in London where there are betting parlors on every block offering a line on the action. Betting is limited to the expected finishing position of the horses on the track.

But now the issue is back before a federal judge, and all bets are off. It might even help rescue Atlantic City casinos that are struggling to attract customers in the wake of casino expansion around the country.

“We’re built out and ready to go,” said Joe Asher, who heads operations for betting giant William Hill U.S. The online market could explode, much like it is in Nevada where 36 percent of William Hill’s handle comes through bets on its mobile app.

Asher says that if sports betting is allowed in New Jersey it could dwarf the $3.6 billion that was wagered legally on sports last year in Nevada, opening up an entire new industry on the East Coast. Depending on how a judge rules, it could soon become the first fully functioning — and fully legal — sports book in the country outside of Nevada.

It might not be long, though, before you can order an NFL three-teamer to go with that trifecta on the ponies.

“I believe the New Jersey market once fully up and going would be at least three times the Nevada market,” Asher said.

And the sharp guys from Vegas are poised, ready to jump in when they get the word.

The William Hill Race and Sports Bar would become the William Hill Race and Sports Book. And last month NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said at a business conference that he was not opposed to the idea of sports betting and expected his league to participate in it at some point

Mostly empty now except on racing weekends at the horse track little more than an hour from Manhattan, it may not stay empty long. Daily fantasy sports wagering is exploding online thanks to a loophole in the federal law, and looks very similar to sports betting.

Of that, there is little doubt. And that could be a game changer for anyone in New Jersey who likes to have a little action on their favorite team.

For now, though, the NBA and the other major sports leagues are lining up against betting in New Jersey. Chris Christie signed a bill into law approving sports betting, only to see it derailed in court because it conflicts with federal law.

Unfortunately for would-be bettors, not everyone is enamored with the idea of sports betting. 31 before U.S. “I hope that signals a re-evaluation of what is obviously a mindset that does not comport with 21st Century reality.”

There’s a brand new sports bar at Monmouth Park with televisions hanging from nearly every available rafter.

Right now all they’re selling at the sports bar at Monmouth are food and drinks. They don’t understand that it’s a lot easier to monitor betting trends in legal books than with an illegal bookmaker operating out of a corner bar.

. “This is an area with some of the most storied franchises in American sports where billions of dollars are already bet on sports illegally.”

“Obviously we read with great interest Commissioner Silver’s comments,” said Asher, whose company runs more than 100 locations in Nevada and 2,400 shops in the United Kingdom. They’re stuck in the past, still believing that betting on sports draws undesirables and is somehow a threat to the integrity of the games themselves. District Judge Michael Shipp that the injunction he issued last year upholding the ban should stay in place despite Christie’s announcement that the state would not be involved in regulating the betting.

There are some signs that even that may be changing. An end-run around the federal prohibition of sports betting in all but four states is once again in play.

Should the door open in New Jersey, though, other states will surely follow, much the way they did when Atlantic City became the first place outside of Las Vegas to legalize casino gambling. Gov Click This Link

Betting ‘unprecedented’ on Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

you can legally bet on the fight.

“It will be the largest handle we’ve ever taken on a fight, not just for Westgate, but for the entire state of Nevada,” Kornegay said. Nevada is the only place in the U.S.

“The number of wagers we’ve seen is just unprecedented.

While the fight is at the MGM Grand, other casinos like the Westgate are taking bets on it, too. Pacquiao, Uncle Sam is the big winner

Some bets even combine the Kentucky Derby, which is also on Saturday.

And the bets are coming in big — MGM Grand received a $500,000 wager on Manny Pacquiao Friday afternoon.

Gamblers can bet on whether the fight will end by the judges’ decision or by knockout. You can bet on whether the finishing position of American Pharoah (the favorite horse) will be higher or lower than the number of rounds in the fight.

You can bet on it. There’s a lot more action.

That’s double the amount of money ever been wagered on any previous boxing match, said Jay Rood, the VP of Race and Sports at MGM Grand, where the fight will be held. We haven’t seen this before on any fight,” said Jay Kornegay, the VP of Race and Sports Operations at the Westgate Las Vegas Casino.

More wagers are being placed on Pacquiao winning, but more money is on Mayweather.

CNNMoney (New York) First published May 1, 2015: 6:52 PM ET

. They can bet on how many rounds the fight will go, or whether either fighter will be knocked down at any point.

Prior to this, a 2013 fight between Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez in 2013 was the biggest in terms of bets, with about $25 million riding on that bout, Rood said.

Related: In Mayweather vs.

Related: Saturday may be the biggest day ever for sports TV in U.S.

Experts expect that between $60 and $80 million worth of bets will be placed on the match in the state of Nevada by the time the fighters touch gloves Saturday night.

Casinos aren’t just taking bets as to who’ll win

Click This Link

Kambi Group plc: The Rank Group plc chooses Kambi Sportsbook

The agreement

with Rank to provide our services to the Grosvenor Casino digital brand

provides us with the opportunity to deliver our Sportsbook offering to

Grosvenor’s growing customer base. Kambi’s customers include Unibet, 888, Paf, 32Red and

Napoleon Games. Its

principal activities are the operation of casino and bingo venues with a

complimentary digital offer serving more than three million customers. Kambi utilises a best of breed security approach, with

guiding principles from ISO 27001. Kambi’s service

encompasses a broad offering from front end through to odds compiling

and risk management. The agreement will see Kambi integrated

with the Bede Gaming Management Platform. We believe that the power of the Kambi Sportsbook, combined

with the capability of the Bede Gaming Management system, will allow us

to provide a truly exceptional and market leading digital proposition to

our customer base, no matter whether they are within our casinos or

simply enjoying playing from home. Rank employs approximately 11,000

employees with offices in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Gibraltar.

Kambi Group plc is a B2B supplier of fully managed sports betting

services on an in-house developed software platform, providing premium

turnkey sports betting solutions to B2C operators. Kambi Sports Solutions is eCOGRA

certified. The company’s

current coverage includes more than 165,000 live betting events and

300,000 pre-match events per year, covering 65 different sports from all

over the world. It is a unique opportunity to service a particular segment of

the gaming market and we feel proud to be part of the project.”

The Rank Group plc (“Rank”), is a leading European Gaming business,

based in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange (RNK.LN). The deal will enable Grosvenor

to leverage its Casino base to offer customers the opportunity to place

a bet on its digital platform anywhere in the UK or whilst visiting one

of its 55 UK venues.

“We are delighted to be partnering with an established and well-known

FTSE 250 company in the UK, further validating our strategy of working

with blue chip and leading brands in regulated markets. Kambi Group plc is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm

under the symbol “KAMBI”.

Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi Group plc, commented:

Adam Joseph, Digital Operations Director of Grosvenor Casinos, commented:

Kambi Group plc (STO:KAMBI) has signed an agreement to provide its

managed sports betting service to Rank’s Grosvenor Casinos brand at

grosvenorcasinos.com. The deal will enable Grosvenor to provide a

premium quality sports betting experience to its 1.7m UK customer base

via mobile and desktop channels. Rank also has a smaller

bingo operation in Spain which operates under the Enracha brand and two

further Grosvenor casinos in Belgium.

Great Britain is Rank’s largest market with 143 venues and a digital

operation licensed out of Alderney and the UK. The experience will be consistent and

compelling and we are excited by the tools that Kambi will empower us


About Rank

About Kambi

Adam Joseph, Digital Operations Director, Grosvenor Casinos

. The Company’s Certified Advisor is Redeye AB.

Disclaimer: The information in this report/press release is such that

Kambi Group plc is required to disclose under the Swedish Securities

Market Act.



This information was brought to you by Cision http://news.cision.com

“Following a rigorous selection process, we chose Kambi because of its

consistent and visible track record of performance, its provision of a

premium product for both web and mobile, and its ability to enable us to

truly differentiate our digital offering via our www.grosvenorcasinos.com

channel. Kambi employs 433 staff across offices in Malta

(head office), Bucharest, London, Stockholm and Manila. We are excited by the distribution

capability that Grosvenor has, not only online, but also through its

significant land based casino estate, and we have been impressed with

the focus and investments made by Rank to support Grosvenor’s digital

strategy Click This Link

How to Play the Pokeno Board Game

For instance, you must say “Ace of Spades”, and not just “Ace” or “Spades”. He/she wins and plays as the game host in the next round.. The game package consists of 12 game boards with unique card combinations, 200 chips, and a standard deck of 52 cards. You should be very clear while announcing a card to avoid further confusion.

? Draw and announce cards until one of the players completes the five-in-a-row sequence, and calls out Pokeno. Although the standard version is quite easy to understand, you might find the other three a bit tricky in the beginning; however, you would surely get used to them once you’ve played a couple of rounds. The player with the highest poker hand wins.

? Pick one card at a time and announce the rank and suit of each aloud.

? Shuffle the card deck and place it in front of you.


? In case no player is ‘out’ at the end of 25 cards, all the bets go to the host/banker, which is you.

? This is another quick and interesting variation to the original game, which could be played if you know the basic concept of Blackjack (beating the dealer’s score to win).

? Distribute the Pokeno boards and give all the players a starting amount (chips) to bet.

? If players possess the announced card on their board, they must place a chip over it.

? If any player fails to acquire the five-in-a-row sequence before the dealer, he loses the round and hands over his on-board chips to the winner (not necessarily the dealer) of the round.

Take a look at the standard Pokeno game rules and its three additional versions.

? In this version of the game, the dealer/host plays against the other players keeping his board covered until he/she completes his/her five-square sequence.

? Begin the same way as in the previous version; however, in this version, the game waits till all the players have successfully completed the five-in-a-row formation. Since Pokeno boards are so thoughtfully designed, one cannot play unless he/she buys the original game.

Although the standard game resembles the game of Bingo in many aspects, it can also be played by introducing several variations. Enjoy!

? Distribute the Pokeno boards and a certain starting amount (chips) among the players except yourself; you are the host-cum-dealer-cum-banker of the game.

? When playing Pokeno like Roulette, each player places his/her bet on a square, which automatically covers other squares in the respective row and column of the Pokeno board.

The Blackjack Version (18+)

Instructions to Play the Pokeno Board Game

? In case a player’s poker hands weigh less than the dealer’s, they lose; however, if a player’s hand is greater than the dealer’s and other players, he wins and receives all the chips.

The Roulette Version (18+)

? The objective of the game is to obtain five squares in a line, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

? Distribute the Pokeno boards among all the players, and give each player 20 chips, except to yourself.

? If the card drawn matches one of the squares in the respective row or column of a player’s board, he/she is ‘out’ and receives a previously determined reward in a certain proportion like 2:1.

Try This!As a variation to the original game wherein a player needs to get five squares in vertical, diagonal, or horizontal rows, one could introduce four corners (a player needs to get all four corners occupied by chips), or a full card house (full board) to make the game more fun and lasting.

Pokeno was developed and is marketed by the United States Playing Card Company. As said above, the game combines the probability factor of Keno and some basic elements from Poker. Every board of Pokeno is arranged in a way such that each horizontal or vertical line forms different Poker hands. There are a total of four ways to play this game, each categorized by a different method of scoring.

The Standard Version

The Poker Version (18+)

? The banker draws one card at a time to a total of 25 cards, and announces each card aloud.

? You are the host of the game, and would draw cards as you announce each of them aloud Click This Link