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10-20% of all your bets throughout the season will go unexpectedly and probably because of turnovers. Things can change leading up to the game and during the game as well. Redskins money line is the safest bet but, will win less money than an over under bet or a bet to cover the point spread.

One betting strategy that worked for me throughout the 2013 season is offensive points per game added together with the opposing m88 เข้าไม่ได้ team defensive points per game allowed, then divide by 2. That’s not enough to stop you from taking that chance. I encourage you to try these betting techniques and place some bets on it. That result should give you a pretty close estimate of how many points that offense will score against that defense that day.

This is showing that the Redskins will beat the Giants 30-24. Amount of time travelling affects every person on that team every week.

These formulas have been done in Excel.

Las Vegas Spread

However, there are modifiers that can affect how the formula is calculated, thus changing the result of the projection. If no emotion, then not much advantage at home. There is a chance that unexpected turnovers or other events can occur(10-20% chance). Information is gathered from and

These lines are generated from Las Vegas handicappers. Though the calculation shows that the Redskins will win by more than 4 points, it is not guaranteed. Remember this is just an estimate, a projection. All of which are modifiers that can impact the projection of the score. Most of the time this a pretty accurate strategy for calculation of projection.

This projection has not calculated for injuries, home field advantage, division game or weather. You might just win.

Turnovers are totally unexpected and difficult, maybe impossible to predict. The larger the difference between projected points and the Las Vegas point spread, the higher chances of winning that bet.

Turnover Modifier

Points Per Game vs Points Per Game Allowed

The result, Washington gets one turnover or New York turns it over once. Home field advantage can affect the result greatly but, not every time. They can be tough to overcome if gone against your bet but, they are not consistent. What we’re looking for here is a large enough discrepancy between final projected scores and combined scores to bet on. I calculate turnovers to be worth 3-7 points each.

The primary bet is Washington to win the game, the money line. Times when emotion is highest in players and fans at home field affects the game 100% of the time. You have a 80-90% success rate against unexpected turnovers.

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Noah Fraser

Noah Fraser

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Noah Fraser

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